Tough Kelvinator Heating and Air Systems

Are Backed by a Dependable HVAC Warranty

Ten Year Warranty

Having a dependable HVAC warranty is important for long-lasting peace of mind and system satisfaction.

At Kelvinator, we have confidence in the products we manufacture and offer homeowners. So much so, we offer a great warranty. A manufacturer’s product confidence is always reflected in their HVAC warranty so make sure you are getting the coverage you need by choosing a Kelvinator HVAC system.

HVAC warranty only applies to equipment manufactured after January 1, 2018.

10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty

Registering your HVAC system will positively impact the level of coverage you receive. Kelvinator offers a 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty when the unit is registered. However, if you decide not to register your product, you will still receive coverage. Kelvinator systems that aren’t registered come with a 5-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty. So, it is beneficial to register your product and receive the maximum amount of HVAC warranty coverage.

Gas Furnace Quality Pledge

The heat exchanger is the heart of your furnace. If it fails within the first year after installation, Kelvinator will replace the unit for the original owner with a like product – if your system has been registered. Remember: you must register your equipment for the 10-year Limited All Parts Warranty and 1-Year Quality Pledge within the specified time period after installation.

Outdoor living space

Extended HVAC Warranty

Some Kelvinator dealers will offer different warranty packages, labor protection plans, rebates and financing options for the HVAC systems they install. The only way to truly know what extended options and promotions your new HVAC unit qualifies for is to talk to your Kelvinator heating and cooling professional. Contact a local contractor by talking to a Kelvinator distributor in your area.

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Kelvinator Warranty Air Quality Products

10-Year HVAC Warranty on Indoor Air Quality Products

Your indoor air quality products are just as important as the rest of your heating and air conditioning setup. If you register your system, Kelvinator will extend your warranty to include
10-year coverage on your indoor air quality parts.

Kelvinator Gas Electric Package Unit

Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty

The heat exchanger is the heart of your gas/electric packaged system. That is why we extend the heat exchanger warranty from 20 years to the lifespan of the unit upon registration.