Glossary of Heating and Air Conditioning Terms

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Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency; a measure of furnace efficiency.

Air Handler:

An indoor portion of your heating and air conditioning system that forces air through your ductwork.


The heart of your central cooling unit, pressurizes the refrigerant in your cooling equipment.

Condenser Coil:

The outdoor coil in your air conditioner or heat pump.


Hollow metal pipes; distribution system for your heated or conditioned air.

Electronic Air Cleaner:

An electronic indoor air quality device that is charged with filtering out particles and contaminants from your indoor air

Evaporator Coil:

Your indoor coil; part of a cooling system.

Heat Exchanger:

The central component of your home heating furnace.

Heat Pump:

A central heating and cooling system that can both provide cooling power in the summer and reverse the process to provide electric heating power when needed.


Heating Seasonal Performance Factor; a special measure of heat pump heating efficiency.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

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