Kelvinator Heating and Cooling News

From increased efficiency to resistant coils, Kelvinator continues to introduce new, dependable products at an affordable price

Kelvinator heating and cooling is consistently introducing new products with innovative parts that help improve the heating and cooling experience for homeowners. From efficient heating and cooling units to corrosion resistance – we are tackling problems that are of top concern for homeowners. For the latest in heating and cooling news, turn to Kelvinator.

Most recently, Kelvinator is manufacturing all of their products with innovative Micro-Channel coils. These coils offer several benefits that include, but are not limited to:

• Resisting Formicary Corrosion.

For homeowners, particularly in the South, formicary corrosion can cause headaches – particularly when it comes to coil leaks. Micro-Channel coils are constructed using aluminum exclusively. Traditional tube-in-fin coils are constructed using copper, an important factor of the formicary corrosion equation. But, if you eliminate the copper, you eliminate formicary corrosion.

• Using Less Refrigerant.

Charging your system can be an expensive part of your heating and cooling installation/maintenance appointment. Cut back on costs with coils that use less refrigerant. Your refrigerant is crucial for cooling performance and a system that isn’t properly charged won’t function properly. Make sure your contractor is able to charge these coils.

• Smaller in Size.

With more compact coils, we are able to construct units that are smaller in size. Units, particularly those that are higher in efficiency, can be large because of the size of the tube-in-fin coils. However, Micro-Channel coils are smaller than copper tube-in-fin coils.

Choose a Kelvinator cooling system and get excellent performance with Micro-Channel coils. Heat transfer and air conditioning occurs at your coils, making them crucial for overall home comfort and temperature control. Visit for more information on Micro-Channel coils.

Micro Channel Coil Top View Micro Channel Coil Micro Channel Coil Fin Close Up