Kelvinator Heating and Air

We know temperature control

Since 1926, Kelvinator has been a leader in scientific applications of requiring constant temperatures as low as -130 degrees.

The Kelvinator name stems from the work of Baron Kelvin, a British mathematician and physicist who originated the concept of absolute zero. Kelvinator has been manufacturing various types of refrigerators for seventy-five years, including early work with appliances using block ice. Their commercial work made them recognized as a leader in the ice cream market segment. Still today this is the basis for the thermodynamic measurement of temperature. Kelvinator has always been about controlling the temperature inside an environment. Residential and commercial Heating and cooling products are just a natural extension of Kelvinator's history.

Heating and cooling contractors carrying the Kelvinator product line know a good value.

Kelvinator product rivals the most recognized name brands in heating and cooling market with its competitive price and quality — quality made possible through Demand Flow Technology™. While other companies test products at random, we use 100% computer-automated testing on every Kelvinator product to eliminate human error in the final analysis of product quality. We are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to be DFT certified. It's easy to see why Kelvinator carries a standard ten-year parts warranty, year-round.

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