Kelvinator Gas Furnaces

Kelvinator Gas Furnace 80% and 95.1% AFUE Fixed Speed Two Stage

80% AFUE and 95.1% AFUE Fixed-Speed, Two-Stage Gas Furnace

An 80% AFUE or 95.1% AFUE fixed-speed, two-stage gas furnace offers high-quality temperature control and comfortable indoor air. A furnace that operates in two-stages has two different capacities – low and high. When your furnace operates at the lower capacity for a long period of time it is able to mix the temperature of your air better and is not as loud. When you have a furnace that operates at only one capacity, 100% capacity, it can go through loud on/off cycles. At the lower capacity, your furnace is not as loud.
The difference between the 80% AFUE furnace and the 95.1% AFUE furnace is that one is more efficient than the other. Furnace efficiency is indicated by AFUE – the annual fuel utilization efficiency. This percentage indicates how much of the fuel put into your furnace is converted into useful heating power.

80% AFUE, 92.1% AFUE and 95% AFUE Fixed-Speed, Single-Stage Gas Furnaces

If you are looking for basic, powerful heating power and you are on a tight budget, choose from our fixed-speed, single-stage gas furnaces in a range of efficiencies. If you live in an area that has a long heating season you should select a unit that reaches high-efficiency levels – like the 95% AFUE unit. But if you live in an area that doesn’t have an intense cooling season, an 80% AFUE system can meet your needs more than adequately. You can also pair one of these furnaces with a heat pump and create a dual-fuel system. This is a particularly good option if you are looking to address some of your heating needs with a heat pump for parts of the need, but you still need the powerful heating associated with a gas furnace. Regardless of your installation requirements or budget, there is a gas furnace available for your home.

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