Kelvinator Cooling Products

Kelvinator cooling systems are designed to work hard to cool your home during the scorching summer heat.

With unprecedented value and high efficiency ratings, a Kelvinator air conditioner can be a great improvement to an older, inefficient air conditioner. Each air conditioner is 100% checked before it leaves the factory to ensure powerful, reliable performance. This, paired with our outstanding warranty when the cooling product is registered, means a Kelvinator cooling unit can be the ideal addition to your home comfort system.

Kelvinator air conditioners and heat pumps are both durable and efficient.

Our cooling systems come in efficiencies from 14 to 16 SEER. Not only will these systems be a powerful upgrade from an old, inefficient cooling unit, but they are also high value. You will be satisfied to go with a cooling system that meets high-performance, efficiency standards while not having to stress about the high price tags commonly associated with efficient cooling power.

Our cooling systems come with the option of a fixed- or variable-speed fan blower.

With a variable-speed fan blower, the air in your home can mix better, supplying more even temperatures throughout your home. Not to mention, it also provides additional dehumidification assistance. Did you know that indoor humidity greatly affects home comfort – and it’s not just about how sticky the air feels? A home with higher humidity levels will feel warmer than one with a lower humidity levels. So, if your system is able to remove more humidity from the air, you may be able to turn the temperature up in your home – making it easier for your home to reach your ideal temperature.

Home Cooling Comfort

To learn more about your cooling system options,

contact your local air conditioning professional. They will be able to tell you the benefits of a heat pump over an air conditioner as well as setting you up with the right air handler or furnace matchup.