Kelvinator Home Air Filtration Systems

Combat indoor air pollution with a hardworking home air filtration system.

Think you are safe from outdoor air pollutants inside? Think again… The air inside your home can often be even MORE polluted than the air outside. By adding a Kelvinator indoor air quality system with powerful home air filters, you can receive great protection against indoor air pollutants, allergens and more. Kelvinator air cleaners come in a variety of options that filter out different particles from your indoor air. Whether you are an allergy sufferer looking for a home air filtration system that can block allergens from your indoor air or you want protection from bacteria and viruses, there is a home air filter system in your budget that can protect you from these things and more.

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Kelvinator offers a few options for you to choose from based on the amount of protection you want from indoor air pollution.

Regardless of your budget, there is a Kelvinator indoor air quality home air filtration system that fits your needs. Talk to your local Kelvinator contractor about incorporating a Kelvinator home air filter system into your HVAC system.